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fenbot real time water quality monitoring usv

Environmental monitoring tasks are key for the maintenance of ecosystems. Among these tasks, the monitoring of river's and lake environments is one of the most demanding, given the need to simultaneously assess biodiversity and pollution levels in both water (river stream) and land (riverbanks). Moreover, river environments are most often extensive and remote, which posit considerable difficulties for human based field work. The potential use of FENBOT is to carry out tasks such as shallow-water surveying, environmental data gathering, pollutant tracking, surveillance operations, sea bed mapping, pipelines/cables inspection, coordinating with autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs), and surveillance is quite lucrative. Functionally, FENBOT is much simpler than AUVs and yet quite versatile for the kinds of mission that they are able to perform. In fact, the accuracy of USVs is far better than that of the AUVs because of the availability of global positioning system (GPS) fixes at all time in open waters.

3D High Resolution Water Quality Mapping

  • BOD Test

  • COD Test

  • pH Test

  • Conductivity Test

  • Turbidity Test

  • SILT Test

  • TDS Test

  • TSS Test

Fenbot is capable of conducting layer by layer water quality monitoring and pollutant tracking. The survey data obtained is then converted into 3D maps using hydrography softwares like HAYPACK, STREAMLINE-GEO, HYDROMAGIC etc. This technology is crucial in determining flow pattern of dissolved pollutants like Cadmium, Mercury, Lead, Arsenic, pathogens and other impurities.

technical specification
FENBOT Units Comments
Length 2.4 Meters Single piece central hull construction
Width 1.03 Meters
Height 1 Meters Height above water with Rf antenna down
Draft 2 Inches Waterline to bottom of skeg
Weight 110 Kilograms With payload
Speed over water 6.5 kts
Water quality parametes
Dissolved Oxygen Conductivity (EC) ORP (Redox) Temperature Salinity pH
Depth Turbidity Nitrate Nitrogen Nitrite Nitrogen Chloride Rhodamine
Blue-Green algae - Phycocyanin Blue-Green algae - Phycoerythrin Chlorophyll SAC UV254 (Organic load) Optical backscatter
Other properties include mapping, underwater photography and hydrography

  • Real time water quality monitoring
  • Integrated river pollution warning system
  • Multi Parameter Sensors ( pH, Turbidity, D0, TDS, TSS, EC +)
  • Layer by layer water quality survey
  • IOT cloud storage
  • Customised GUI
  • High speed data transfer
  • 3D Mapping
  • Autonomous and manual control
  • GPS tracking

  • Environmental agencies
  • Government authorities and military
  • Water Companies
  • Port Authorities
  • Chemical Industry
  • Research Agencies
  • Survey Agencies

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bio water train

The BIO-WATER TRAIN is a novel technology to clean heavily polluted water bodies back to its stable state with maximum removal of dissolved pollutants, lead, cadmium, mercury, nitrate, phosphate, cyanobacteria, e-coli and other pathogens within the least period of time. They are made up of specially build floating pontoon pods equipped with a submerged filtering and disinfecting UV sterilization unit. The entire system is driven by an Unmanned Surface Vessel. The filters are designed on the basis of water pollutant survey conducted by FENBOT. The Capacity of BWT is around 32 MLD (Million litres per day) Thus providing a scientific and cost efficient method of removing pollutants from rivers, lakes and reservoirs at large scale.

technical specification

Parameters Specifications Units
Length of Filtering & Disinfecting Pods 5 Meters
Length of Unmanned Surface Vessel 5 Meters
Width of Filtering & Disinfecting Pods 1.3 Meters
Width of Unmanned Surface Vessel 2.3 Meters
Length of filtering unit 4 Inches
Height of filtering unit Submerged 0.5 Meters
Water holding capacity 2000 Litres
Engine Power of USV 20 HP
TO AVAIL OUR SERVICES, CONTACT info@fenbits.com OR CALL +91 9048 4000 40