We are an emerging startup with a mission to clean the heavily polluted natural water resources across the globe. We are specialists in river water cleaning and pollutant tracking.

Our projects

Our innovative products and services are developed primarily by understanding the nature of pollutants and then developing an effective scientific solution. We are a team of highly skilled engineers and scientists with thorough knowledge in the field of water technology, robotics, instrumentation and marine construction.


Now map the contamination levels and track the pollutant flow pattern using our latest Unmanned Surface Vehicle technology.

Bio Water Train

Remove pollutants and sterilize rivers, canals and lakes using our highly efficient and cost effective floating water treatment units.

In Media

FenBits Technology Solutions conducted high profle water quality mapping across Canoly canal, one of the most polluted canals in India using Fenbot USV. The survey results where alarming. Large traces of hydrocarbons along with decaying materials have been found. The reports have been submitted to Govt. of India. Click here to download the survey report.